We are 100% of Latvian capital, family business. 

Founded in 1998, with the company’s management experience since 1975.
The company “AB Metal” Ltd. was founded in 2005 to develop operations in export markets.

METALMEISTARS Ltd. Is a member of the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia since 2000.

The company "METALMEISTARS " works as a subcontractor in precision metalworking and we have experience in cooperation within different industries:

  • Metalworking and mechanical engineering

  • Wood and forest

  • Energy and wind energy

  • Oil and gas

  • Medicine

  • Food processing

  • Fish industry

  • Agriculture

  • Construction ond others

We specialize in the following directions:

  • Sheet Metal Processing Laser cutting (sheet and tube), water cutting, sheet bending, roll bending, tube bending

  • CNC Machining Turning, milling, mill-turn, sawing, slotting, grinding

  • Welding Making various steel constructions.





World-class CNC machines


various manual machines


tons of metal under the roof


m2 total production space


tons cranes at 6.5m height

With modern technology and our capacity, we can realize:

  • From a simple to complex project

  • From local to international project

  • From small to large project

  • From prototype to final product

Production of Premium quality stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal products

On October 4, 2022 LTD. “AB METAL” signed agreement no. NP-2022/64 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia about implementation of the project Implementation of environmentally friendly, energy efficient and innovative production line for stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous sheet metal processing.

Project is implemented because of support from Norwegian financial instrument 2014-2021 within the open call "Application of green industry innovation and ICT products and technologies" of the program "Business Development, Innovation and SME’s".

The aim of this project is to increase the competitiveness and productivity of SIA “AB METAL” by implementing green, energy efficient and innovative production line for the production of new Premium quality stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal products within Industry 4.0.

Project partner is Norwegian company AS “ACMOTECH”

Project will be implemented by July 9, 2023.

Eligible costs of the project: 948500 EUR, where Norwegian financial instrument funding is 443423.75 EUR and government funding is 78251.25 EUR.

Norway grants


01.11.2022. first phase of the project has started - contracts about purchase of the new sheet metal processing techologies are signed. Discussions with the project partner about the project implementation process have been started.

01.04.2023. The first technology of the project – Bystronic fiber laser cutting machine – has been installed in the factory of LTD. “AB METAL”.

01.06.2023. Implementation of the new product into production

09.07.2023.  Project implementation has been completed successfully. The new product is offered to customers.

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